Digichamp input to new modules

Charlie Mason, Digichamp

Charlie worked on the Students as Creators and Change Agents project to help develop content and structure for the new Business modules.  Before he rushed off to start his full time career last week, I asked him to reflect on his experience and what he had learned from it:

What I wished I had known in level 1

For me, there were a couple of things I wish I had known. The first thing is how valuable this work is outside of the lecture theatre or university. By that, I mean it is something that can be discussed on a blog, or something that I could add to a blog, that would be seen by people outside of the unversity. The benefits of this, and something that I had only learnt about towards the end of the third year, were for employability and also for my professional online identity.

The second thing was the intangible value that blogging added to my studies and the way I learnt. Blogging obligated me to really understand concepts, due to the need for clarity and briefness in a blog post.

The value of blogging

A blog should be easy to read and fairly brief. As a blog post has to be clear and concise, it requires the same of you. This helps because if there is a concept that I am blogging about but I don’t really understand, I need to know a lot about it – therefore I have to learn more about the topic.

The reason for this is that to be concise and brief with a blog, you need to know the main points. This is the same with topics you are comfortable or familiar with – being clear and concise reinforces what you know. Because of this, the value of blogging for me has been in how I have learnt, and how blogging has forced me to better understand topics I have had trouble getting to grips with.

My role in developing the new modules for the Students as Creators and Change Agents project

My role since March has been to find online apps and tools that will complement the students learning in level one. This has involved researching and investigating apps, then seeing how capable they are at fulfilling certain aspects (ease of use, effectiveness, if the app can offer blended learning etc.). From there I have then prepared a report on what they can be used for and other information. In the second phase of the project my role has been to create guides for level 1 students on how to use the tools and apps from the first phase. These guides cover everything from making an account, to using the features of the app, to suggestions and tips on how they may benefit the learning process.

Many thanks to Charlie for all his hard work and we all wish him the best of luck in his new role!

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