Our Top 10 Tips to Make the Most of Your SBS Course!

Tips from students on the Business Programmes Co-Design Team
Tips from students on the Business Programmes Co-Design Team


We thought it might be helpful to you if we gave you our top ten pieces of advice to make the most of your first year!  These are a mixture of course-related and extra-curricular related things.


1. Go to the Bunflight (on the 28th of September) during freshers week and get involved! It is the single best event to see the whole breadth of what societies and clubs the university hosts. Pick on thing you already know you want to do and one new thing you want to try! Uni is about new experiences! Clubs become families at uni, allow you to have a break your course and allow you to meet people you otherwise wouldn’t have met!
2. Get to know your coursemates! Believe us- not only will they provide you with friendship that lasts a life time (uni friends are on a different level to ‘home’ friends, you’ll soon find out – remember you live with some of these people), they also serve as study mates!
3. You’re now a business student. Get in the mind-set! The SBS has free subscriptions to the Financial Times and hosts a load of other newspapers and magazines in the building 2 foyer. The Economist is also a fantastic place to start, as it discusses all aspects of business- from economics, politics and social attitudes. Make sure to browse the BBC everyday- read the business, politics and technologies section particularly.
4. Have opinions and say them. Modules like 1018 and 1020 are award winning because of their innovative ways in which they discuss and interpret ideas! Most every lecture will involve interactive debate and believe us, the more you get involved the more opportunities will come to you! It also makes the modules 10x more interesting when there is a lively debate. Those modules know no bounds and we’ve discusses everything from politics and philosophy to anarchism and feminism. Be open minded and get talking!
5. The only way you can learn double entry bookkeeping is by practising it, unfortunately.
6. Give yourself a set day off. Play sport, go out, take day trips, just get out of your flat/house!
7. Develop a personal relationship with your personal tutor and other academics! Remember: it’s who you know.
8. If you don’t already have an online social presence, develop one, whether that be through Twitter, a blog, LinkedIn etc, get your name out there!
9. Follow our Twitter account (@SBSBusProgs)! It is run by students for students and contain topical news, course-related material and exclusive prizes occasionally!
10. Make sure you ENJOY university! It’s the perfect place to discover yourself, meet great people, forge new relationships and do things you never thought you would!


We can’t wait to meet you throughout the year and can’t wait to welcome you to your new learning community!

See you soon,

Business Programmes Co-Design Team

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