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Hi All! Attached is a report from a recent meeting reviewing the potential to bring a different type of feedback software – Unitu – into Southampton! You’ll see some student comments in the report, but if anyone has anything to add after reading this please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the comments below! Thanks!

In addition to this, we have recently been made aware that iSolutions are doing a software sweep of all faculties in the University. The Business school have asked if there is any software students recommend or would find useful installed on the University system. If there is, please do not hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

Tom Davidson

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Date and Time of Meeting: 22nd April 2016, 11am- 12pm.

Presented by: Anish Bagga, co-founder of Unitu.

Students Present: Amy Morgan, Calvin Vera- White, Jessica Hamilton, Emily Smith, Michelle Dennis, Ivan Aleksandrov, Daniel Turcu and Zak Rakrouki.


The feedback system within universities can be a complicated one. Trying to find a solution to student issues can be both a slow and frustrating process, for staff and students. On the 22nd of April, Anish Bagga presented his idea on how to resolve these problems, using Unitu.

The content of the presentation included:

  • Issues universities face regarding student feedback.
  • Southampton students’ view on the feedback system in place.
  • The role of course representatives.
  • The aim of Unitu.
  • A demonstration of how Unitu operates.
  • Students’ opinions on Unitu, both positive and negative.
  • Would Unitu have a beneficial impact on the University of Southampton?

As stated above, one of the first topics discussed were issues surrounding feedback. One such issue that arose was the time it takes to resolve problems. Both staff and student perspective were taken into consideration. On many occasions, students face difficulties regarding course content, deadlines, who to go to etc. Frequently, these students turn to a member of staff for guidance.  Receiving a response quickly is of course desired, however, this can be difficult for a number of reasons:

  • Students may be unsure of the person to contact regarding their issue. This thus results in the wrong person being contacted.
  • Students may not know who course reps are.
  • Students may not be clear about the issue they have.
  • Students may not feel comfortable confronting staff

After the presentation, the aim of Unitu was clear. By making the system more transparent, students, the course reps and staff have a better understanding of how to resolve issues. There was a largely positive response from students. Below are some of the student responses:

“In my opinion, Unitu is a great way to interact between students and teaching staff. It will give us the chance to raise problems and find the resolution faster. The great thing is, it allows students to communicate and resolve the problems themselves, before they approach a member of the staff. The platform is user friendly and many people will find it quite easy to work with. Unitu has great potential and I hope we will use it actively in the near future. My one regret is that we didn’t have access to it this year.”

Ivan Aleksandrov

“Unitu, seems significantly important to the basic functionality of the future of universities. Not only did the software prove its transparency trade mark, it also looks great, and is easy to use! I believe this software will be extremely useful, in saving students and lectures time. The functionality of the likes to provide evidence for change prevent any bias and will definitely support needed changes. I fully support Unitu.”

Emily Smith

“Unitu seems like a fantastic solution to the current issues we face regarding communication between students, course reps and lecturers. The feature that allows all students of a particular programme/faculty to be automatically involved is great because it means that everyone can be kept up to date simultaneously. I think that students will like that Unitu allows for privacy of discussion from lecturers, meaning that issues can be brought up and only addressed to lectures when deemed necessary. Furthermore, the additional option for students to comment anonymously will encourage engagement.”

Jessica Hamilton

“There were of course initial concerns and questions. However there was an answer to each one which reassured students of Unitu’s benefits. From gathering feedback, it is obvious that the advantages outweigh any negatives. Not only can we tackle problems, but we would also be able share ideas. With a 100% success rate in resolving issues and the encouragement of student engagement, it would seem only logical to implement Unitu into our university.”

Amy Morgan

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