TeamMates: A New Group Feedback System


With exams now behind us all, it is time to start looking to next semester and what these modules might hold. For those of you partaking in MANG1017, you will have the opportunity to use a new system to provide and receive feedback over the course of a group project.

The new system is an online feedback site called TeamMates. It is unique in the fact that MANG1017 is the first time the software has been used for an undergraduate module. There will be three different occasions where you will be required to use the software to provide feedback on both yourself and your fellow group members. The feedback will cover areas such as participation, attendance, effort and communication skills. It is important to stress the benefits for participation in this exercise, and the fact that some marks will be available depending on how your colleges in the group rate you. Once the feedback has been issued, the class tutor can then decide when to pass the feedback onto you, either in an anonymised form or with names attached. It is hoped that this will aid with your own Key Skills for business, aid group participation and to help with your second assignment for this module. It is important to note however, because of the way the back-end of the system is constructed, there is no point in trying to cheat the system by favouring others, or agreeing with your team to award each other all very high scores, as it takes into account the overall grade awarded for the Assignment. In short, honesty really is the best policy here!

While the questions are not finalised yet, and it would be inappropriate to reveal them here, it is hoped that you will all find this review system helpful, and that it will aid with your Group Project Assignment. It is also hoped that, true to the nature of the module, it will aid in your skill development.

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