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Hi all! Thank you as ever for reading this blog, and today I have just a short note about the session in the tutorial classes for MANG1022 next week. This session will be on Digital Literacies, or more specifically a practical enquiry into your online identity.

Online identity is the general term used to describe all the data held about you, and viewable on you online. This can either public information (for example information than can be gathered from your open social accounts, or blogs) and private information (information you must allow people to view on you or information others hold on you). The concept is probably familiar to you already, but few people are aware exactly how much information is available about you online, and the session takes a uniquely practical approach to this. There is not much essential preparation required for the session, all we need is you in the right room and at the right time!

If you did want to explore the concept of online identity a bit more before the session I would recommend it however, and can sign-post a few resources. One of the main pieces of literature in this area is Youth Online: Identity and Literacy in the Digital Age, and this can be read on Google Books by following the link. Given the fast-paced nature of change in this area, there is very little concrete material in the area, so I instead would encourage people to share any experiences they have had of either positive or negative online identity (doesn’t have to be specific to you). For example, do you know of someone who has got into trouble for something they posted online? Or of a business which exactly screens social media profiles of applicants? Obviously, all comments will be moderated and should not include names, but it would be fantastic to get a discussion going before the session. If you don’t have any experience, I would be intrigued to hear what areas other than “Online Identity” you think come under the umbrella of Digital Literacies. Discussion; go!

The one other thing I would say about the session is that is designed by myself and Tom Rowledge, two students in the Co-Design group. We hope you will realise that this session will therefore be slightly different to conventional ones, and we hope you enjoy it for this reason. We will be asking for feedback after the session, and if you could be kind enough to provide it that would be fantastic.

Look forward to seeing you at the session.

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