Our Trip to Cadbury World!

Is there a better way to end a stressful term than lots of chocolate?! (Actually don’t answer that, who knows what some of you might get up to…) Anyway, chocolate was exactly how the Business Co-Creation group decided to celebrate; make sure you read below the summary of that trip from Calvin.



The 20th of May commemorated the end of the first year of Business School undergraduates through an educational visit to Cadbury World in the historic village of Bourneville.


The trip was primarily organised and coordinated by Amy and her Co-Creation compatriots and was a resounding success. We aimed to provide our peers with the opportunity to take part in an insightful and mentally stimulating trip, which also offered a fitting end to the year.


Throughout the first stage of the visit we were given the opportunity to walk through a fully functional production line, which showed us the development process from production to quality to control to packaging.


Laid out throughout the factory were pieces of equipment from both old and new methods, which allowed us to compare past and present manufacturing methodologies. I myself had flashbacks to the very first lectures Mark delivered in our MANG1018 lectures!


Next came the tasting area, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who came, as we were given copious amounts of chocolate and demonstrations, and for many the chocolate provided a much-needed pick-me-up after our exam stress!


Finally came the much-awaited talk on the marketing strategy and mindset of Cadbury as a brand. The speaker had excellent knowledge on what he was talking and was able to very successfully apply the topics of discussion to an undergraduate level of understanding. The group was informed on areas such as brand recognition, competition between markets and the factors limiting the success of Cadbury’s amongst other areas. Through feedback from the group, it was clear that everyone present reacted positively on the talk and that it was excellently delivered and relevant.


A footnote must go out to Amy on her excellent organizational skills in controlling a large group of students to the degree of success that she did. All the students present as well as myself greatly enjoyed our excursion and felt that it was a very well chosen and relevant trip.

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