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Hi all! Welcome back to Southampton for the start of what I’m sure will be good productive term (how many of you have heard that in the past couple days I wonder…?). For MANG1017 students, and others who may be interested, this week is a particularly exciting one, as the University welcomes two key figures from Grant Thornton, one of the world’s largest professional services network, centred around accountancy and consultancy. This is a fantastic opportunity to here from leading professionals at the top of a very large organisation. Make sure you don’t miss it! As stated at the bottom of the text below, included from Dr Stefan Cantore, if you are on the MANG1017 course and cannot attend, please let him know. Finally, if anyone would be interested in producing a report on the guest lecture, please email me at – thanks!


This Thursday we have the privilege of meeting two inspirational cutting edge business leaders from Grant Thornton LLP ( )

They are:

Sacha Romanovitch, CEO, Grant Thornton UK LLP

Sacha became the first female to be elected as CEO of a major accountancy firm and took up the role in July 2015. Her leadership is based on establishing a common purpose and liberating people to achieve that, with a focus on creating sustainable value for clients, people and broader society. During her career she has worked with major business units to deliver superior business performance,  led on ground breaking cultural change programmes and pioneered approaches to unlock talent and create value for clients. A qualified coach and NLP practitioner, she is a regular speaker at conferences on the area of transformational leadership.

and :

Kylie Roberts, Director Challenge Leadership

Kylie Roberts is an experienced peak performance coach, leadership and culture specialist working with corporate organisations, leaders and elite athletes.   She is well known in the UK coaching industry for the creation of coaching cultures in both Deloitte and Grant Thornton. She also works internationally on the topics of coaching, leadership and cultural change.

Her practice has roots in several disciplines that blend a western ambitious changing world with eastern holistic health. Mindfulness, NLP, neuropsychological and cognitive behavioural approaches feed Kylie’s passion for a deeper understanding of the human psyche and how to thrive in today’s world.  Uncovering hidden causes of behaviour and creating an open and trusting environment for change readiness is key to Kylie’s work.


You have previously asked for inspirational speakers from business and these two leaders are known both for the work they are doing in transforming a UK Business but there passion in communicating the vision and values which underpin their work. During the session you will have an opportunity also to engage with the strategic review of the Business and consider the people implications. All of this will I am sure be relevant to your project work. I am aware that some of you have a deadline for an assignment for another module on Thursday at 4pm. I trust that you will be submitting well in advance so should not be delayed in getting to the session. Because of the seniority of these visitors this is one of the rare 1017 sessions that you should consider ‘compulsory’. We want to create a good impression so future students can benefit from such experiences and the wider partnership between Grant Thorton and the University can develop for the benefit of all-including yourselves.



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