Preparation for your exams

Happy New Years! With the first few weeks of the new University term bringing our first set of Exams and Coursework Deadlines, theres likely to be a lot of accompanying stress. However, in order to keep ahead of the examiners, and to stop yourself getting worked up about the impending exams theres plenty of resources out there to put yourself in the best possible place you can be.
MANG1020 and MANG1018 both have the final deadline for the Assignment 2 coming up very soon, enquiring a written summary of your three topics related to the theme you chose, alongside a short summary of feedback you received after presenting your work to the learning set assigned at the beginning of last term. Many people attended the writing workshops that were held, but in the case that you are struggling with technique or just need some general advice, there is a compilation of tips from professors and researches designed to help you.
If you navigate to this website: you will find a huge wealth of short and long pieces of advice on ‘writing’ – the best way to refine your work, and thus achieve the highest score you can in the assessment. Another really helpful resource is a blog post from exam time, which can be found at this address:
Make sure that you submit the assignments before the deadline to avoid the mark penalty and that the feedback you receive from the group is of a high quality allowing you the best chance of maximising your marks for that section. There are no exams for either of the two MANG modules, meaning that the coursework to be submitted should be of a high quality.
This blog will continue to discuss Business Management related content, ranging from the actual content of lectures within the Course or to more general news which is relevant. As always please use the comment section for any feedback or to discuss any ideas you may have – it is really important to get as involved as possible so you can make the most out the course and your time at university.
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