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Boeing Take-Off

Ping into the email inbox on a Friday afternoon in late September comes a message from a colleague ‘Boeing has some unallocated money in its’ University Fund which it could give to Southampton for a compelling new project for the benefit of students. Do you have any ideas Stefan? We need a proposal from you by close of play today!’ Time to quickly scratch our heads and see how we could get Boeing on-board. Continue reading →

A summary…but by no means the end!

All of a sudden, it is all officially over. With about thirty minutes to spare before my plane takes off and I’ll be home once again, after a year I am able to say I have another place I can call home. Here are some of my reflections: This first year of Uni has been a challenging and exciting journey and it is undeniable that it has gone by perhaps too quickly. It seems like yesterday that Fresher’s Week had begun. It all felt so different, so new. Continue reading →

Our Trip to Cadbury World!

Is there a better way to end a stressful term than lots of chocolate?! (Actually don't answer that, who knows what some of you might get up to...) Anyway, chocolate was exactly how the Business Co-Creation group decided to celebrate; make sure you read below the summary of that trip from Calvin. ****** The 20th of May commemorated the end of the first year of Business School undergraduates through an educational visit to Cadbury World in the historic village of Bourneville. Continue reading →

The Closing Session of MANG1017

Hi all! Hopefully you all enjoyed the long bank holiday weekend, especially now free from exams! (Did someone say Jesters' Cider Festival? No? How about Common People? Oceana?!) Whatever you did we hope you enjoyed it! Continuing with our reflective tone of late, here is a summary from Andrea on the final session of module MANG1017 ******** On the 12th of May we took part in the last session of our first year at University of Southampton. Exactly, took part, not went to. Continue reading →

Upcoming World Cafe Sessions

This is a notice of World Cafes coming up at the start of the next month! These cafes are slightly different to previous ones, as the Student Design group has offered their input to ensure that the cafe time is most relevant to you all. This your opportunity to give your feedback and share experiences of your first year - don't miss out! ******** Hello everybody,   We are near the end of our 1st year of university. Continue reading →

MANG1017: Guest Speakers from Grant Thornton

Hi all! Welcome back to Southampton for the start of what I'm sure will be good productive term (how many of you have heard that in the past couple days I wonder...?). For MANG1017 students, and others who may be interested, this week is a particularly exciting one, as the University welcomes two key figures from Grant Thornton, one of the world's largest professional services network, centred around accountancy and consultancy. Continue reading →