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RSA Talk: ‘Why We Never Think Alone’

Coming from Southampton to London to hear this talk felt exciting. What I love about RSA talks is that they’re somewhat inspiring and make me pay more attention to topics I don’t consider usually. Coming from Brown University, Professor Steven Sloman a famous academic, researcher and writer, was quite enthusiastic to deliver a talk on a topic he’s been passionate about for years on the ‘Knowledge Illusion’. Continue reading →

Book Review – “Never Eat Alone”

  It was March 1st when I noticed ‘Never Eat Alone’ popping on my Amazon ‘suggested items’ feed. Honestly, I didn’t read the abstract or any comments, I just liked the picture on the cover and decided to give it a try. What a better time to start reading a book than midterm semester at University? I had so much work to do, that finally gave up and had a good stretch on the couch cuddling with a nice business book. Continue reading →

Book Review – Freakonomics

I had an eye on Freakonomics for a long time and recently I decided to give it a try as people online were fascinated by it. Having my cup of coffee in the morning and going through the introduction, I was sure this will be one of those trivial books that questions everything in the world and doesn’t provide any specific answers. By the time I was having a glass of chardonnay in the evening, I read most of it and realised, the book I just read was not about economics at all. Continue reading →

Book Review: What they teach you at Harvard Business School: My Two Years Inside the Cauldron of Capitalism

What they teach you at Harvard Business School: My Two Years Inside the Cauldron of Capitalism, By Philip Delves Broughton. London: Penguin, 2010. Reviewed by: Ivan Ivanov, BSc Business Management The book I recently read is the story of the journalist Philip Broughton who decided to turn his life around. He quitted his job as a Bureau Chief at The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Paris and chose to get an MBA degree from Harvard Business School. Continue reading →