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HIL: It’s Worth it in the End, When You Have a Dream Job

  I had a great opportunity to take part in an eye-opening event in Estonia, called Shadowing a Professional. Every year, students have an opportunity to get involved in a profession for one day. To get to know their tasks and to start thinking about their own future job. At first I was a shadow for one of the most well-known journalist in Estonia. I conducted research about being a journalist, because I have always   thought that it was not my cup of tea. Continue reading →

MWR: When Was the Last Time You Actually Switched off Your Work Mode?

   Working from home seems to be 2 in 1, but does it actually help to find balance between work and life? Working outside of the home makes it possible to go home to relax. A woman, working from home, was asked where she goes when she wants to relax and she replied with laughter and said: “Nowhere, nowhere at all” (Crosbie and Moore, 2004). Looks like working from home is not as enjoyable as it seemed at the first sight. Continue reading →